Private Party

About booking a private party at Jack's American Pub:

  • All parties booked are hosted at Jack’s American Pub in the upstairs bar, with holds 120 people and has a completely private bar with a bartender, and its own patio deck.
  • All bookings will have 5.6% tax added.
  • All bookings will have 18% gratuity added.
  • All bookings require a 20% nonrefundable deposit when booking the party, the other 80% is due on arrival for the party
  • All cancellations must be done no less than 48 hours before the party, or the deposit will not be refunded
  • The is no carry in alcohol permitted
  • The party room at Jack’s American Pub will not be available during special events such as New Year’s Eve or Halloween.

Fill out the information below to request a private party:

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Cold Appetizers

Fruit Platter
Additional orders:

Sausage and Cheese Platter
Additional orders:

Vegetable Platter
Additional orders:

Taco Dip Platter
Additional orders:

House Salad
Additional orders:

Hot Appetizers Serves 20 People each

Grilled Chicken Wings (100) served with carrots, celery, ranch, and blue cheese
Additional orders:

Homemade Wonton Rolls Combo (5)
Additional orders:

Jack’s Giant Pretzel (6)
Additional orders:

Quesadilla (8, 64 Pieces)
Additional orders:

Chicken Tenders (60 Pieces) served with ranch, blue cheese, buffalo and bbq dipping sauces
Additional orders:

Buffet Serves 20 People each

Taco Bar
Additional orders:

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders (60) (served on pretzel rolls)
Additional orders:

Cheeseburger Sliders (60)
Additional orders:

Deli Sandwiches (10) ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo on wheat toast
Additional orders:

Giant Pizza
Additional orders:

Turkey Tortilla Wheels (50) Turkey, cream cheese, cucumber and basil
Additional orders:

Sides serves 20 people each

Choose any amount of sides:
 Beer Fries - $75 Additional orders:
 Onion Rings - $75 Additional orders:
 Tater Tots - $75 Additional orders:
 Combo: Beer Fries, Onion Rings, and Tater Tots - $75Additional orders:
 Steakhouse Potato Salad - $100 Additional orders:
 Baked Beans, homemade with ground beef and bacon - $100 Additional orders:
Drink Packages

Choose a bar option, keg option, or both:
 Cash Bar (Guests pay for beverages ordered at regular cost) Open Bar (Guests order any beverage at regular cost to be placed on one tab and added to the hosts contact) Limited Open Bar (Guests order any beverage at regular cost to be placed on one tab with a specific limit and added to hosts contract)

 1/2 barrel of domestic beer - $200 Additional orders:

 1/2 barrel of microbrew beer - $225 Additional orders:

 1/4 of import beer $175 Additional orders:


Bring Your Own Dessert, guests are welcome to bring their own dessert but it must be store bought.

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